Premiere: “Let’s Go Suki” by Cryptic Street

Cryptic Street is here with a new video for their song ‘Let’s Go Suki.’ The ladies of Cryptic Street hail from Malta, a small group of islands that sit between Sicily and the North African coast, and are making some much needed noise on the little islands.

Tom Tom is pleased to be premiering their new single and music video for “Let’s Go Suki,” an upbeat rock tune with a bass line that you’ll have stuck in your head for days.  The video is in the style of a tour diary, footage of the band rocking out with bits of general band shenanigans strewn throughout.

A bit about the track from the Cryptic Street team:

“The track conceptualizes the story of a girl (Suki) who constantly finds herself running away from the oppressions and expectations set on her by society, confronting her own inner conflict, overcoming stigmas, and channeling her sense of rebellion.”

The ladies of Cryptic Street shine musically as they let you in on a day in the life of a Cryptic Street rocker. Check out the video below and be sure to follow Cryptic Street on all their socials to stay up to date on band happenings.

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