Meet The Drummer: Amy Findlay of Stonefield

Stonefield grabbed loads of attention with their last release, “As Above So Below” so naturally, folks are supremely interested to see what their next release brings. In a matter of days, the four-piece rock band will release their 3rd album ‘Far From Earth.’ The title track alone is a true stunner; Amy’s steady vocals and her prowess on the kit conjure up a time machine that sends the listener back to the iconic psychedelic rock of the 70s. Tom Tom got the chance to chat with Amy about the band, the album and how she balances holding down the beat while delivering stunning vocals.

Introductions: Name/Age/Instrument you play in the band
AF: I’m Amy, I am 28 and I sing and play drums in the band.

What moved you all to start a band together?
AF: We are all sisters and grew up listening to a lot of our parents music; we’ve always had a love for performing and creating. We were fortunate enough to have a music teacher move in next door to us so we all started getting lessons. We each picked a different instrument, not necessarily to start a band but because we wanted to be different from one another. We started practicing covers together and before we knew it we were writing our own music.

Why did drums make the most sense to you as your instrument of choice?
AF: Our drum kit was the first instrument we were given from our parents one christmas and I guess as the oldest I got first dibs on the kit. At the time, I also had access to lessons in high school so it just made sense. I guess it’s not the typical instrument you would pick when you’re a singer, but to me playing anything else while singing seems harder.

It’s really great to see the drummer acting as the vocalist as well. Are there certain warm ups you do to help execute those two responsibilities simultaneously?
AF: I go crazy on the vocal warm ups and try to think about my posture as much as possible when I’m playing. I think the hardest thing is remembering to not strain my voice and sing too loud when I’m struggling to hear myself with my cymbals at ear level. I try and take care of myself when playing shows and stay away from drinking if there’s a show to play. Not very rock n roll, but I think it’s the only way to be if I want to play a good set!


How have things been since the release of ‘As Above, So Below?’ Did you all do anything special to celebrate the recent anniversary?
AF: Yes, it just turned 2! Things have been great since the release of the last album. It’s been a real time of change for us. We changed up the people we work with and really spent the time developing ourselves and our music and we now feel like we are in a really good place. We have done some incredible support tours both at home and in the U.S, played some rad festivals, met some great people and spent a lot of time writing and recording new music. We didn’t celebrate the anniversary; for us as soon as we release something, it doesn’t feel as though it’s ours anymore. It’s out in the world and you kind of move on to the next thing!

What are some things you learned while making ‘As Above, So Below’ that you bought over to the process of making ‘Far From Earth?’
AF: We really learnt a hell of a lot from making that album. We practically recorded it twice so it was an insanely long process; but one that taught us a lot about ourselves and our music. “Far From Earth” was a completely different experience to “As Above, So Below.” We really needed to block out everyone and everything and get completely in our own world to create something that wasn’t over-thought, felt honest and truly represented us. There was no mucking about, it was a very easy process and that was the polar opposite to the previous record.

What are some of the topics you all touch on in ‘Far From Earth?’
AF: I tend to write a lot about escaping reality, dreams, time and love.

If you could describe ‘Far From Earth’ using imagery from nature, how’d you describe it?
AF: A trip through a summer sky into the darkness of outta space.

Once the album is released, are there plans for a tour?
AF: Yes, we will most definitely be doing a national tour back home and have further overseas tour plans that we are working on.

Who are some artists you all would love to collaborate with?
AF: Stevie Nicks, Black Angels, Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid and the Deadbaeats, Patty Smith; I guess anyone we are inspired by.

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