Ultimate Ears Introduces the UE 6 PRO: In-Ear Monitors for Drummers and DJs

 IRVINE, Calif. — April 11, 2018 — Ultimate Ears has announced Ultimate Ears 6 PRO, using Ultimate Ears’ patented hybrid acoustic architecture. And, in a relentless pursuit to improve reliability, the entire Ultimate Ears CIEM lineup is now upgraded with the Ultimate Ears IPX Connection System, a durable new cable connection system that can withstand the rigors of music touring and minimize the need for service and maintenance.

Ultimate Ears 6 PRO

The UE 6 PRO was designed as an introductory hybrid solution for drummers, bass players, DJs and hip-hop musicians. Taking advantage of the same hybrid acoustic architecture as UE LIVE, UE 6 PRO gives warm tonality, along with impactful bass and clear audio reproduction. This design includes two dynamic drivers for midrange and bass, along with Ultimate Ears’ original True Tone Drivers for high-frequency fidelity.


Ultimate Ears IPX Connection System

This new system, co-created with estron a/s, provides a lightweight, IP67 certified sweat-proof, durable connection between cable and connector, allowing for easy swapping between different cable types. The Ultimate Ears SuperBax is a road-worthy cable, strong enough to hold a 12-pound barbell, yet so lightweight and transparent that it becomes virtually invisible. With significant reliability improvement, this new system can handle thousands of cycles of connect-disconnects.The new UE IPX Connection System can be plugged into any audio interface with a ⅛” (3.5mm) headphone jack.

Pricing and Availability

The UE 6 PRO can be pre-ordered today and is expected to be available and ship worldwide in early May 2018 through Ultimate Ears and authorized dealers, for a suggested retail price of $699. Numerous color and custom faceplate options are available. For more information, please  pro.ultimateears.com/ue6.

The UE IPX Connection System is expected to be available worldwide on all custom in-ear monitors orders starting in April 2018 through pro.ultimateears.com and authorized dealers. The connection system will be incorporated into the full Ultimate Ears CIEM lineup. You can choose between a 50”, 64” or Bluetooth version of the system.

About Ultimate Ears Pro

Ultimate Ears Pro, a brand of Logitech, revolutionized the way artists perform music on stage with the creation of its custom fit professional earphones in 1995. Today, more touring artists use Ultimate Ears Pro products than any other brand.

Stay tuned for Tom Tom’s review of the UE 6 Pro in an upcoming issue!

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