Review of The Goodnight Fields

The Goodnight Fields
Sincerely, Yours
November 2011

The Goodnight Fields present their EP Sincerely,Yours with a few warm intentions and maybe a surprise or two. The boy and girl vocals couldn’t be any more straightforward and fall over a plethora of riffs that feel both soft and alarming like an early morning wake up call. The melodies are tight with sincere yet unforgiving lyrics. The tracks mold together effortlessly, leaving us with a whiff of cool air.

The record keeps a strong structure and steady pace with Bianca Russelburg providing those mentioned connections in the beat department. The mild angst and extensive energy is what drives the guitar and vocals for the push it needs.

The Goodnight Fields gathered in Indianapolis just a short time ago and after their full-length album Hang On was self-released back in April, the EP now serves as a nice follow-up and provides a revisited structure from their full length.

Listen to this: During your country drive on a crisp fall day.

Attia Taylor is a musician and writer from Philadelphia. She has a blog called Lady.Bang.Beat and makes psychedelic pop music.


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