Drum Machine Tee

Drum Machine Shirt Tom Tom


HOLD UP! ThinkGeek has just created a T-Shirt with a drum machine on it. No, not just a picture, but an actual-PLAYABLE drum machine. It has nine drum kits, with seven sounds each built in. The shirt can record loops up to three minutes long with unlimited tracks, and comes with a mini amp to clip on your belt. How could any drummer pass this up? Ok. We can think of one way we would pass this up. Our chests may not love it. Though we will give it a try and get back to you. It takes 4 AA batteries, but is completely washable after you remove the batts, and the drum pads. ThinkGeek has also made a playable guitar shirt, and a light up Tony Stark Iron Man shirt. HELL YES. Keep your eyes open for the review of this t-shirt.

– by Steph Barker



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