Tom Tom goes to Miami: Photos by George Owen



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Here are pics from our four Miami events during Art Basel brought to you by Tom Tom Magazine & Needless Records.

Our dj nights in the lobby of Hotel Carlton in South Beach. Our workshop & Tom Tom Talk with Mindy Abovitz (Editor-in-Chief), Nabedi Osorio (The State Of), members of the band Siren, Drummer Adee Roberson and artist Valerie George of Nam Jun Psyche.

Then our epic showcase @ Churchills featuring: Cave Rave, Snakehole, The State Of, Siren, Follow that Bird, Frankie Rose, Bonnie Riot, Holly Hunt

Valerie George VJ’ed videos from the Nam June Psyche Archives in between sets: sweet live videos from Tuneyards, Chica Vas, Migu and Mike Watt to name a few! :::


Thanks to George Owen who rocked our world and shot photos of the events. More about our photographer George in his own words: My name is George Owen and I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts. I moved to Miami for the same reason everyone else leaves the northeast… NO MORE SNOW. I got into photography so I could shoot bmx, abandoned buildings, bands, and art events but it shifted mostly to music events. Shooting music events got me into DJ’ing, which is also really fun. I probably sound like a stereotype. A fun stereotype! Meow Meow


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