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WORK (work, work)
Ghostly International
September 2011

WORK (work, work) is a grunge electronic album that presents a mood unlike their exploratory rock EP released back in 2007 called Nostalgia.The album is passionate and obviously floats in a direction towards something weighted. The 10 track album has simple titles but clear abstract structures. “Bendin” works in a deconstructive manner with beats slashing through an ambient safari. All the way through the album is a haze of vocal continuity with beats that can’t help but pull you deep in. The shoe-gaze approach to the electronic album lights a torch of emotion and their heavy story easily translates from beginning to end. Download a digital copy of their album or order the limited edition vinyl here.

Listen to this: during your moments of deep, deep contemplation.

— Attia Taylor is a musician and writer from Philadelphia. She has a blog called Lady.Bang.Beat and makes psychedelic pop music.


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