Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth, Indie, Girl Drummer, Lady Drummer, Northhampton, Post Punk,
Victoria Mandanas, 21, first started playing drums at the age of 8 when she began taking lessons from SC jazz drummer Danny Boozer. She grew up playing along to R&B bands like Earth Wind & Fire, but most enjoys playing punk/post-punk music. She is from Columbia, SC, but currently lives in Northampton, MA, where she attends Smith College and plays drums for Potty Mouth. While she is at home, she plays with Chemical Peel, her first band, which she formed during the summer of 2010. Chemical Peel released a self-titled debut cassette in May and takes cues from early Sonic Youth, but is also influenced by the energy of 70s post-punk and riot grrl. Chemical Peel is currently working on its next release.

Potty Mouth is a Northampton-based foursome that began collaborating in February 2011. Inspired by the supportive western mass DIY community, and the growing presence of women in music, Victoria, Ally, Abby, and Phoebe got together and formed Potty Mouth. All members of the band are largely self-taught musicians, which inspires their unique songwriting abilities and their raw, ‘separate-but-equal’ sound. Their lyrical content is hauntingly dark, yet lighthearted and comical. Potty Mouth draws inspiration from the Riot Grrl movement, early 90s indie rock, and late 70’s punk. Ally is currently the bassist for two other western-mass based bands, Honeysuck and Outdates.


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