Review of DEaf’s Pocketknives and Friendship Bracelets

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Pocketknives and Friendship Bracelets
Hypersweet Records
August 2011

Pocketknives and Friendship Bracelets is the first full-length from Los Angeles’ DEaf. The self-described punk-synth duo offer us a noisy, chaotic, sometimes dissonant record that at times feels like a rallying cry. Fans of Micachu and the Shapes’ synth sound and interesting arrangements are going to dig this record. On “Find You,” the sound is part video game soundtrack, part freight train punk rock, and that’s a good thing. “Heart is Leaving” features drummer/vocalist Vivian and guitarist/vocalist LM trading off on vocals on one of the best noise pop songs you’re likely to hear this year. Check them out here.

Listen to this: When you need the perfect cassette to pop into your tape deck whether you’re occupying Wall Street or occupying the dance floor.

— Annie Russell is a journalist, producer, and musician living in Greenpoint. She can be heard every Wednesday on hosting The Anglo Files.




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