Jenn “Jersey” from The Nose Jobs

Illustration and Interview by Coco Roy

Name: Jenn “Jersey” Muller
Age: 35
Location: Boston, MA
Current band: The Nose Jobs
Past bands: Social Anxiety Disorder, The Short Lived, Ninth Grade Repeater, Anarchcunts

Tom Tom Magazine: How long have you been drumming?
Jenn Muller: 16 years on and off

TTM: Was there a certain band / performer who made you wanna start playing drums?
JM: I remember hearing ” Straight to Hell” by the CLASH when I was about 14. I was obsessed with the drum beats and the changes. That is when i began “table drumming.” There are so many drummers that I love but the most influential would be Adam Pfahler (Jaw Breaker) Sara Lund ( Unwound) and my love…Tommy Ramone!

TTM: Do you have any pre show/ warm up rituals?
JM: Just Guinness

TTM: What’s your set up like?
JM: Welp Im a righty, i am not fancy and right now i am playing what i call a trash kit. Its just random pieces of kits and cracked cymbals. It fits with the music we play. Less is more is my style.

TTM: In your band the nose jobs you drum for the first half and then switch to being the lead singer. How do you mentally make the switch from drummer to front woman?
JM: I just let the adrenaline take over…i have to remember to bring lots of water on stage because drumming dehydrates me!

TTM: You have a young daughter, have you encouraged her to play drums or any other instrument?
JM: When i was pregnant with Sidney i played drums in a band til around 8 months. She has a natural rhythm and plays bass, and keys. Most recently has mastered the Super Mario Brothers level 1 theme song.

TTM: What advice would you give young girls who were thinking about learning drums?
JM: You cant go wrong with The Donnas or The Ramones. Drummers are very important and difficult to find so you will always have a band.

Illustration and Interview by Coco Roy

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