In honor of our mamas and papas: SUBMIT!

This is a call to any female drummin/beatmakin’ readers to send in stories about their parents for special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day posts.

If your parents are drummers (especially your mom!) you can tell us how that influenced you.

If they supported your musical endeavours, tell us about that!

If you’re a Mother now and have some stories relating to that joyous experience, send ’em!

If you’re pregnant, and will be celebrating Mother’s Day next year, tell us how you feel!

If your Dad told you never give up, tell us him name, and stuff!

Whatever it is, send in your stories and we’ll pick the best and post it up…think of it as the ultimate gift to your parental units.

Tom Tom Mag

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  1. My name is Zach and I’m a 10 year old musician. My Mom plays drums in 8 Inch Betsy. She also runs a record label. She introduced me to music when I was really young. She took me to shows, bought me instruments (including my own drums), gave me lessons, and encouraged me to try new things. She is a really good drummer and Mom.

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