London Calling #2

Hello again drummerettes! Hope you’re all well and drumming away. This month has been a busy one for me, and it included more gigs with Johnny Lazer around London, gigs with TNTT and lots of DJ sets and production hours with my own electronic project, Disco Damage. Also, the amazing news that I’m now sponsored by Protection Racket (the best soft cases in the world!), as well as my usual Zildjian and Pro-mark endorsements. Thank you!!

I want to mention that Protection Racket is a very cool drum-case brand, not only because they are very strongly built and they put sheep skin inside their cases for a super snug fit, but also because they can do anything custom made for you. From all different shapes and sizes of drums, to all the extra cases for accessories, electronic drums, pads, double pedals, etc. My personal favourite is the Deluxe cymbal case with wheels and handle attached, to save you from being sore after having to carry them around the city for a gig or two… Your neck and your shoulders will be happy, trust me!

Here’s a page of intermediate exercises for you all to try out. Bottom line is Bass Drum and top line is Snare. And with your right hand you can try quarter notes, 8ths and then 16ths when you’re more comfortable. Start at 100bpm and build up your speed gradually, and ALWAYS practice to a click!

And here’s a video of one of my favourite European drummers, Alessia Mattalia. Now that’s one drummer that really knows how to practice to a click! Check it out. She’s unbelievable.

Until next time…

– Laura Fares

Photo of Laura above: Royal & Gagol Photography, Styling: Keeley Watson, Makeup: Melissa Lee, Hair: Andy Corbett, Assistant: Janet Adyeri, Maiden Britain Clothing.

Drum exercises from Time Functioning Patterns by Gary Chaffee. Published by Alfred Music Publishing.

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