Kitography #2: Bri Ana Drennon

My mate originally bought this 1967 Rogers Holiday drumset as the house kit for his recording studio, which specializes in equipment from the 60’s and 70’s. I didn’t play drums at the time, but from the moment I laid eyes on it I knew I wanted to learn. A month later, I started taking lessons. The kit consists of a 20″ kick, one rack tom and one floor tom, rewrapped in the original pink champagne sparkle. Currently, I play it with a 70’s Ludwig SupraPhonic snare, a crusty set of 50’s paper-thin Zildjian hi-hats and a 70’s ride that was re-laithed by a local cymbal artisan.
For me, collecting vintage instruments and creative music making has become one in the same. The sounds that you get from drums and cymbals that have been aged and played for 30+ years just can’t be recreated by something fresh out of a factory.
– Bri Ana Drennon: Vintage gear enthusiast and drummer for FUNERAL CLUB.

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