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By Lindsey Anderson
Photo courtesy of Matt & Kim’s video for ‘Forever’

As I traveled through the discography of Matt and Kim, I realized that this duo has a supreme knack for crafting records to underscore the highest highs and pull one out of the lowest lows. With each record they’ve released since their start in 2004, Matt and Kim have consistently delivered unforgettable records to the masses.

Their newest album, ‘Almost Everyday,’ marks their 1st LP in 3 years and their musical return is being met with loads of positive feedback. The tour for this record is also supremely special since it marks Kim’s return to live performances after a serious knee injury she endured last year. ‘Almost Everyday’ is 28 minutes of pure joy; the ebullient sound Matt & Kim have become known for coupled with candid lyrics make for a record that’s bound to be a staple to many summer playlists.

Tom Tom got the chance to chat with Kim about the new record, tour life after her injury and what she hopes audience members gain from a live show.

TT:How does it feel to have ‘Almost Everyday’ out in the world?
So fucking good!! I hate how you finish music and then have to sit on it for a few months before you can release it. I think it’s the vinyl pressing that needs such long lead times. How has that not gotten quicker? Ha ha! But yes I am so happy to have if out and for everyone to hear it.

Your last release, ‘We Were The Weirdos,’ had a pretty quick turn around time; are there any lessons you learned during that process that you bought over to the making of ‘Almost Everyday?’
‘We Were The Weirdos’ might have been too quick. We release these Vlogs called “Matt and Kim SHOW YA STUFF” and one episode is the behind the scenes of releasing that EP. There was a last minute change that was being tossed in at the final minute. It was stressful as all hell! So I wouldn’t do it that quick again.


During your time healing from your injury, what were ways you kept yourself connected to drums/drumming?
I didn’t. I didn’t touch the drums for about 8 months. It was crazy to come back to playing. One, I forgot how to play half our songs (seriously I was looking on YouTube to figure out what I did in some parts of songs) and two, I was fucking exhausted when I played. I lost all my stamina.

You all are known for your high-energy shows, how are you replenishing your energy and keeping an eye on your health while on tour?
I do physical therapy 5 times a week while on tour. I still have another year to go until I get the “You are 100% healed” so I keep making sure I am strengthening the muscles around my ACL and also on my good knee cause they say you have a greater chance to injure the other knee because you start favoring the bad one. I couldn’t go through this again so I am so focused on PT.

For your most recent vlog, where did the idea to tattoo your friend come from? Do you think you’d tattoo someone again?
My friend Colin and I do a lot of stupid stuff together so this just seemed right up there. It all started because I said “Let me tattoo “Kim is the worst on you” and he said yes! Then I bugged him until he let me do it. I was terrified. I think he is the only person I could tattoo.



What are your favorite tracks to play from ‘Almost Everyday’ and why?
We only play a few songs off of Almost Everyday right now. We feel like people like to hear what they know by heart so we only pepper in a few new tracks off the album while on tour. We want to give people more time with the album before we add more stuff to the set. Right now my favorite is “Like I Used To Be”… but that has a lot to do with the wall’s of my vagina! You got to come to a show to experience that!!

What’s a track/tracks from your past albums that you love seeing audience members dance & sing along to?
I like “Now” cause that usually has the biggest mosh pit!

What do you hope folks get out of a Matt & Kim show?
I hope you don’t have to go to the gym or your therapist the next day cause you have completely sweated it out and you feel fucking happy when you leave!

If you could describe ‘Almost Everyday’ in one sentence, what would it be?
Honest, personal and fun. Ok so that isn’t a sentence but it gets to the point!!


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