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We’re always on the lookout for beat-makers who not only make great beats but also inspire us with their hard work and dedication to their craft. Meet Sarah, The !llstrumentalist! Sarah caught our eye with her review and demonstration of the Organelle by Critter and Guitari. Tom Tom took a minute to chat with the beatmaker about YouTube, the Organelle and her dream percussive contraption.

Sarah, The !llstrumentalist /29/ she, her

What was the 1st instrument you picked up? Do you recall what it felt like?
The first instrument that I remember picking up was my grandmother’s upright piano. I always had fun playing little tunes on the piano with my cousins and trying to impress my uncle.

What moved you to start your YouTube channel?
I started making beats on my lunch breaks at work and a lot of people would approach me, asking me what I was doing so I made a YouTube Channel.

What are some pros and cons you’ve experienced using YouTube?
The best part about having a YouTube Channel is having a community of supporters and being able to inspire and influence others. I’ve been able to build relationships with brands and start my own brand, No Quantize. I love sharing beats from other producers at the end of all of my videos to help support the beat making culture. Occasionally, I have a disrespectful comments but for the most part, everyone is FAMILY.

Any advice for instrumentalists thinking about starting YouTube channels?
It’s called “YOUtube”so DO YOU! Don’t try to be like anyone else or like another channel. Make content for you and if other people happen to enjoy it, it’s an added bonus! Be consistent, and don’t worry about the views or subscribers, they shall come!

Who are some of your favorite musicians on YouTube?
VerySickBeats, Stlndrms, Soul Brother Stef, Memorecks, Jeremy Ellis, BadSnacks, and Origami

How do you decide on what products you’re going to review?
For product reviews, I’ll do some research on a product that me and my audience may enjoy. I’ll reach out to the brand to see if they would like to build a relationship in hopes of having an experience with that product and sharing it with the world.

What music are you loving right now?
Hip-hop instrumentals. I’m a vinyl junkie. I enjoy going into a record store, picking something out, not knowing what it sounds like and taking it home. I love listening to all types of music and then flipping it into a beat.

What goals do you have for yourself as an instrumentalist this year?
On March 25th, My birthday, I released my first major project called Conversations. It’s a 20 song beat tape, out on all major platforms. I also launched a beat maker lifestyle brand called No Quantize and website I plan on releasing a series of clothing that focuses on beat machines and beat making culture. I plan on doing live shows, creating more music throughout the year, and consistently documenting my journey on my YouTube channel.

What is it about the organelle that made you want to make a video about it?
I’ve seen the organelle in pictures and videos online but I’ve never seen it in the store to demo. I really wanted to know what it was and how it worked so I reached out to Critter and Guitari. They were kind enough to send me a sample and I absolutely love this instrument! It’s so diverse and versatile. I really enjoy how you can also add more patches to it. It’s a BEAST!

If you could create your own percussive contraption, what would it be able to do and why??
I would make the Maschine MK3 and Roland SP-404sx have a baby. It would be a beat machine that looked like the Maschine but didn’t need a computer, you can sample directly into it, and it has cool live performance effects and features. 500gbs of storage. It would also have a 2 week battery life and it takes 20 minutes to charge up. It would also be dope to have 4 big drumming pads to hit on!

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