TOMBOi Completes ‘Spectrum’

By Lindsey Anderson

Florida-based trio TOMBOi has completed their 1st full length album titled ‘Spectrum’ and it truly covers a spectrum of sounds and topics. The 9 song record includes psychedelic beats & vocal manipulation coupled with hard-hitting percussion that’ll have you air-drumming the entire length of the record.

The Queer electro-pop trio touches on a number of topics that will for sure resonant with members of the Queer community.  A standout tune titled ‘PGP’ (which stands for ‘preferred gender pronouns’) focuses on identity & the importance of using someone’s correct pronouns.

Now Turn To The Left//Introduce Your PGP

In addition to original tunes, the record also includes an electro-pop rendition of ‘Are You That Somebody’ by one of the most iconic performers who was taken far too soon, Aaliyah. With a sound that slightly harkens to the trend of ‘Chopped & Screwed’ remixes, (If this is a new term for you, click this link for one of the most iconic ‘chopped & screwed’ remixes from last year) the iconic beat from ‘Are You That Somebody’ is dipped into a sleek electro-synth cacophony and accompanied with a rap verse from Geexella(another GREAT artist you should FOR SURE know) that’s seamlessly sewn into the tune.

TOMBOi members Alex E. (vocal, sequencing, beats, guitar), Paige McMullen (guitar) and Summer Wood (drums) truly practice intense rhythmic & lyrical precision from the record’s start to finish. ‘Spectrum’ is for sure a record you’ll want in your musical arsenal for those lazy summer afternoons & spontaneous road trips.

Be sure to catch them live in a town near you! Keep up to date on all TOMBOi happenings by liking their Facebook page & signing up for their mailing list! Be sure you follow them on Soundcloud as well!


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