A Chat with Sim, Drummer for The Nyx

By Lindsey Anderson

Earlier this month, a fantastic band from London called The Nyx was bought to our attention! We got the chance to chat with their new drummer Sim about her start, how she got into drumming and the goals she has for herself as a drummer!

When did you start drumming?
I started playing drums when I was 11 years old. I’ve always had a huge passion for music and when I’d watch music videos on TV I’d always obsess over the drummer.


What was it about drumming that peaked your interest when you first picked up a pair of sticks?
For me, there is no other feeling quite like it. Hitting drums with big pieces of wood but making all these different sounds and rhythms fascinates me. When I picked up my first pair of sticks something just clicked and that was it, I was hooked.

What’s your current kit setup?
I am proud to say that I have endorsement deals with NATAL, Vater and Protection Racket. I play a Maple split lacquer kit in white, orange sparkle with a nickel finish on the lugs. 22” Kick, 10″, 12” rack toms and a 16” floor tom. I use Vater 5B’s and Zildjian Cymbals, a mixture of A and Dark K customs.


Do you have any favorite gear brands? If yes, what are they and why?
I love NATAL, it is important for me to have an extremely sturdy and robust kit that looks and sounds beastly. This is exactly what my current kit gives me. The company and their staff are beyond helpful and really down to earth, they make you feel like you’re part of something rather than just supplying you with some gear and disappearing.

How did you start playing with The Nyx?
I was invited to an audition about a year or so ago now. I ended up being crazy busy and originally couldn’t join the band, then out of the blue Becky(guitar & vocals) sent me a message asking to play a few gigs and hey presto I’m in the band : )
Do you play for any other bands?

I get about a bit yeah ; ) I have not been in a band of sisters before which is what I LOVE about The Nyx. This band has to be the coolest and craziest I have encountered so far.

As a drummer, what goals do you have for yourself?

When people set their new years resolutions that’s when I normally plan what I want to do musically for the year. So last year it was to tour a few countries (that worked out). This year it is to get in to studios more and record on as much as I can & so far so good! Got a few exciting sessions coming up which I look forward to sharing.

We wanted to give this band as much exposure on our site as possible so keep a look out for the full band interview we did with The Nyx! In the meantime, follow them on Facebook, Twitter & check out their website!

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