NAF: A Reminder that Being Nice is A Radical Act

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Being a human comes with its moments of triumph and its moments of ‘CAN I HAVE A BREAK PLEASE’…


Whether you’re winning or sobbing into your 2nd pint of Ben & Jerry’s, NAF is the perfect soundtrack for all occasions…


NAF, an acronym for Nice As F—, is a 3 piece band comprised of Jenny Lewis on vocals…

7Lewis in her video for ‘One Of The Guys’/Warner Bros/Via

Erika Foster(from Au Revoir Simone)on bass…

4023557811_9db4ca396b_zOz Villanueva/Via

And finally, Tennessee Thomas(from The Like) on drums…

Lauren Dukoff/Via

In April of this year, NAF performed for the 1st time at a Bernie Sanders rally and followed the gig with a string of tour dates supporting M.Ward…

rs-246356-NAF-brick-wall00Warner Bros Records/ Via

While supporting M. Ward, NAF dropped their first single ‘Door’ on June 17th and days later, released their self-titled LP on June 24th…

maxresdefaultNAF Logo/Love’s Way/Via

Here’s the trio making their television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert…


The LP provides listeners with 25 minutes of infections grooves that you’ll find yourself humming long after the LP has ended…


While the record holds the ‘good vibes’ of a soundtrack to a beloved coming of age film, NAF doesn’t let their audience forget about a HUGE issue in America…

buzzfeed tumblr/Via

Lewis sings: ‘I don’t wanna be afraid/put your guns away’ in the straightforward tune titled ‘Guns’. The somber yet hopeful number acknowledges what seems like a never-ending cycle of Gun Violence in America…


NAF’s combination of music & activism is what excites me about this band…


With NAF still in its infancy, who knows what the group will do next. All I know is that 3 musicians reminding folks to ‘Give A Damn’ is exactly what the world needs.

NAF in their video for ‘Door’/Love’s Way/Via

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