Nisennemondai Limited EP: #6


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One of our favorite bands, Nisennemondai, (we saw them open for Battles a few years ago and they STOLE THE SHOW) is releasing a limited edition EP. AND IT IS AMAZING!

You can stream the whole thing here:

The original version of #6 is a dub-strafed subway ride through abandoned tunnels, a haunted Philip K. Dick alternate past where Joy Division cut live techno tunes with Scientist. On the flip, Chris Carter adds heavy machine funk and saturated bomb damage FX, re-arranging the component parts into a dancefloor jammer from the death factory.

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“The mixing-desk manipulations blow the trio’s sound wide open, from two dimensions into three or four. Together, they all sound like exploding clockworks, and even more so when Sherwood lassoes individual sounds and whips them to and fro.” – Pitchfork

“Sees them refine their technique – a rubbery industrial judder” Uncut

“Their conjurings are irresistible.” The Quietus

“Some of their most radical music yet” All Music

All photos of the band by Bex Wade.

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