Wall’s New Video for “Cuban Cigars”

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Brooklyn based band Wall has recently released their new music video for “Cuban Cigars.” This time, they’ve teamed with New Yorker/Photographer/Filmmaker Richard Kern to visualize this sharp-edged tune.

“The shoot was hot and sweaty and I got so tired I passed out on the couch at the end; it made my brain feel like scrambled eggs to listen to my own voice play over the speakers for hours on end. Richard is ruthless in the best way, insisting we do take after take to get the right one and to no surprise he knows what he’s doing, it turned out great!” Lead singer Sam York says adding, “It felt special to have him working with us on making this video.” The band and Kern have collaborated in the past on magazine projects and some of Kern’s work.

Richard perfectly frames lounge drinks, guitars, old dude’s in suits, and of course lead singer Sam York’s sweetly trimmed bangs. The song itself is a sweet post-punk/garage sounding tune with lyrics that are really directed at middle aged corporate white dudes. “Big black suits dressed as little white lies” shouts York.

Up to beat with the New York pulse for this project, the video was shot in the Lower East Side at nighttime hotspot Happy Endings. WALL’s bassist Elizabeth Skadden says,”I took a lot of inspiration from the music video ‘Addicted to Love’ by Robert Palmer which was my first exposure to women playing instruments (I know I know, they aren’t really playing).” She even compared the shoot’s atmosphere to “a Twin Peaks dream sequence.” Don’t you wish you could be a fly on the wall just to absorb this whole collaboration?

See this dope content for yourselves:

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