Review: You Look A Lot Like Me – Mal Blum

mal blum

Mal Blum

You Look A Lot Like Me

Don Giovanni Records

October 2015

Mal Blum
Anyone who is able to articulate the days and hours spent trying to get through them is worthy of exploring youth and haunted hotels with. New York native, Mal Blum’s most recent album,You Look A Lot Like Me, confronts an inner and outer dialogue with humble precision that speaks to all the kids seeking to come out of their comfort zones. Mal exposes a sweet, humorous approach to the mundane and the vulnerable as if it were read out loud from their diary. Mal’s stories move well with a steady rhythm section and a whaling guitar playing the role of their fearless companion. Fear awkwardness no longer with this well-spoken wanderer.

Listen to this: while winding down from a long day of taking people’s orders.

—Lia Braswell

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