Gear, Diary: Gabriela Jimeno

Gabriela Jimeno
Photo: Josefina Santos. Illustrations: Rachel Levit.
Gear, Diary is a new feature here on We invite musicians to tell us all about their gear, how/why they use it, where they got it from, etc. For the inaugural post, Gabriela Jimeno details all the gear she uses for her new solo project, Ela Minus. You may know Gabriela from the band Balancer. Her new project is phenomenal! Just listen to this song!


The debut EP First Words from Ela Minus is out now.  Check out Gabriela’s Gear, Diary below!



Basically, what I do is I sequence everything to the MPC and use it as a main MIDI sequencer, it sends all the MIDI notes too al my other synths, everything goes to the mixer on separate channels and that’s it.

I make some beats live on the elektron, and others are already sequenced into it. I have the vocal mic also going through the mixer as well as my own voice samples on the MPC that I play with. I also have MIDI notes sequenced into the the MPC pads so that I can perform live using the pads (instead of a midi keyboard or any other controller).

I didn’t want to use a laptop live, since I don’t use one when I am producing, so everything is stand alone synthesizers. – Gabriela Jimeno

Gear, Diary is a new feature on To submit please send us a pic of all your gear and break it down for us in a personal way. What does the gear mean to you, how you use it, how did you find out about the gear, or where you got it from (what journey you went on to get it!) Submit pics and entries to:


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