WeWork Interview with Mindy Abovitz

Mindy Abovitz
Photo by Lauren Kallen for Creator by WeWork

Tom Tom Magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief, Mindy Abovitz, was recently profiled on Creator by WeWork.

The piece talks about how Mindy started on the drums and what led to the beginning of Tom Tom Magazine. It also has some way rad photos too!

Read the full article here: Different Drummer: Mindy Abovitz Fearlessly Leads ‘Tom Tom’

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Many people have asked Abovitz if she’s worried whether Tom Tom, now 23 issues in, will someday run out of material to cover.

“It blows my mind,” she says. “From day one, my concern has always been the absolute opposite: how are we going to cover all these drummers? And so the first seven issues of the magazine are not only filled with pages of stories about female drummers that have never been covered in a drum magazine or in any magazine, but the journalists and photographers are all female drummers as well.”

She says she could name plenty of drummers that she still wants to be featured in the magazine.

“I’m just really glad we are where we are, and continue to grow, and that idea can ideally dissipate,” she says. “One day, no one will ask that question, and it will be amazing.”

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