CMJ 2015 Recap

CMJ 2015

Review and Photos by Gabrielle Steib

CMJ is an annual week-long music festival held in New York City. CMJ is dedicated to discovering and showcasing new music.  Gabrielle Steib headed to several of the events in the city. Read her review on New Myths and check out the photo gallery below.

Review: New Myths @ Passenger Bar 10/14/15
New Myths is an atmospheric rock trio based out of New York, who  have been playing together for years. Their drummer, Rosie Slater, is a powerhouse. The Passenger Bar, where I caught them during CMJ, is relatively small, and her drum-kit is tucked away in the corner. Rosie is sitting behind it, claiming her throne. When they go on, it is obvious that she is a pivotal part of the band. Her drumming holds it together, and she never misses a beat even when she does backup vocals. She is pulsating throughout the set and I stop taking photos to keep track of her constant movement. They rock really hard, and then vocally come back together.

As they finish their last song, the only other photographer at the venue comes up to me and says: “I’m a big fan of New Myths, seen them many times before, you know not only are they sexy girls, but they can also really play their instruments…” I stare at him, dumbfounded, and walk off to catch the girls outside eat pizza and talk to them for a bit. Rosie’s father is a sound engineer who recorded and mastered their album, and he has given her a lot of freedom to grow musically, and to form the album into something that the band collectively desired it to sound like. As a band, they believe they have not had any problems being taken seriously, the main thing they have noticed in various venues, that sound guys tend to be apprehensive of the girls knowing their gear and setting up. Besides this, the band has worked very hard throughout their musical careers, and this has paid off by the amount of shows they have booked. I caught them once, at CMJ, but they are guaranteed to be performing much longer.


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