Playlist by Molly of Young States

Young States

Young States is a UK-based band. They released their debut EP Down To You this past August. Molly, the rad drummer behind the beats in Young States, made us this playlist of songs and told us what she likes about them. Check out the playlist and her thoughts on the songs below. Thanks so much, Molly!

1. Black Peaks – Glass Built Castles – I think this is a great song for drums; I love how they fit so well with the music in terms of the progression throughout the song. As a whole, the song is so well structured and each section just sounds awesome!

2. Defeater – Blood in My Veins – The feel of this song is crazy, I love the sudden dynamic changes within the song, and the harshness of Derek Archambault’s (singer) voice in contrast to the stripped down music in certain sections of the song. To me, musically, this song is amazingly written!

3. Arcane Roots – Second Breath – This is a solid song, musically and technically it’s awesome. I love the drastic changes from harsh and heavy to super subdued and tame to a big build up section, I love songs that can do that effortlessly, still sounding so cool!

4. Brand New – Jesus – Lyrically I think this song is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sound of the song as a whole, but the words are really powerful, this is emphasised by Jesse Lacey’s’ tone of voice.

5. Mallory Knox – QOD II – The heavier songs by Mallory Knox are always my favourites, this one in particular is great because of the various time signature changes throughout the verses and chorus’. A ‘big’ song that’s always great to listen too in my opinion!

6. Moving MountainsCover the roots, lower the stems – Moving Mountains are in my top 3 favourite bands and this song is definitely one of my favourite ones. I love atmospheric music and a ‘big’ sound and I think this song does that perfectly!

7. PVRISFire – This is such a strong and ‘sassy’ song and that’s why I love it. There is so much anger in the lyrics, the way they are sung and in the music, it’s great. One I have to play loud.

8. Citizen – Heaviside – Although being one of the bands more chilled out and lighter songs, I love it because of its overall feel and sound. It stays steady throughout and doesn’t really take off, but that’s what makes it great. A good song to just sit and listen too.

9. Years & Years – Real – I keep listening to this at the moment, a slightly different genre to what I normally like, but this song is so good! I love the feel and the instrumentation, and how simple it is. To me, it has quite a dark sound to it, I’m definitely a fan.

10. Ella Eyre – Good Times – One of my all-time favourite feel good songs right now. Definitely a ‘car’ song and one I can’t help but groove along too. I’m a big fan of break beats on the drums, and I also think Ella Eyre’s voice really compliments this style of music.

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