Drumming Tips from Sick of Sarah’s Jessica Forsythe

jessica forsythe

I’m Jessica Forsythe. I currently drum in Sick of Sarah.

Here are some pictures illustrating my story as well as a few tips that have helped me along my journey as a drummer. Hope you enjoy!


Stretch. I always stretch before I play.

-Play to a click. I hated it in the beginning but once I got comfortable, I fell in love!

-Slow it down. When I’m trying to figure out a more intricate fill, or if I’m just not hitting each note in time, I slow it way down until I hit that pocket, then slowly bring back to real time.

-Keep it simple. I’m a pretty simple drummer. I don’t do a lot of flashy, crazy fills much. It’s more important to stay in that pocket than attempt to play something I can’t execute clean.

-Dynamics. Play to the music. To what the song calls for. I love listening to instrumental tracks. Songs that make you feel and relate to so much with absolutely no words.

-Smile into that crowd and always have fun!


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