Dapper Drummer: Erica S. Qualy

Full Name: Erica S. Qualy
Age: 28
Hometown: Sacramento, CA & Minneapolis, MN
Lives In: Memphis, TN
Website: punksandtheircats.tumblr.com, books4brains.tumblr.com, http://lookbook.nu/freddivignette
Fav drum and why? Hmmm the bass drum, I guess, because it’s powerful and steady like a heart beat!


Who is your fashion icon? I have so many! Clarissa Darling, Francoise Hardy, Twiggy, and Nico to name a few.


Who inspires you to look so dapper? I just love fashion and glamour. I get inspired by a lot of different people, cultures, and things I see around me. Everything from art to nature to punk rock and going out on Friday nights. I especially love women’s fashions from the 60’s and 70’s and I see a lot of great 80’s and 90’s looks on tumblr and lookbook.


What gets your attention? Bright colors, bold statement pieces, authentic vintage items, unique shoes, hand-made and one-of-a-kind clothing, stones and gems, shiny stuff like gold and silver.


What is your favorite outfit? A comfortable dress with pockets. I just can’t have enough of them.


How do you pick your outfits out? I usually don’t plan outfits too far ahead of time, I’ll wear what is practical, comfortable and/or appropriate for the day. Sometimes it depends on the event, sometimes it just depends on the weather, or if I feel like standing out or blending in.


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Who or what is your hair inspiration? Cousin It from the Addams Family! So long… so beautiful!


Where do you get your hair cut or done? Well, I’ve been trying to grow it out, so I’m trying to resist cutting it. If I do have it cut, though, I’ll either buckle up and do it myself or try and have a friend with experience do it. Some of the greatest haircuts I ever had only came after throwing caution to the wind. Be brave! Have fun with it! Only if that crashes and burns will I pay to get it cut, most likely at the nearest salon.


How did you get into drums? I’m guessing the same way a lot of other musicians did, I just got tired of always trying to find a drummer, and figured I might as well become one!


What kit do you play? I’ve been playing on my friend Patrick’s kit lately, it’s made by Stagg. If I could buy my own dream kit, though, it’d probably be a retro sparkly set from Pearl or Gretsch.
What bands are you in? Currently I play drums and guitar and sing/yell/shout/squeal in Brainworm. Before that I was playing in The Vignettes and Objectum Sexuals.


What is your favorite venue to play in? When I lived in Minneapolis I always loved playing at the 7th Street Entry, it was so cozy. Here in Memphis though I’d have to say my favorite place we’ve ever played is Black Lodge Video!


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