Kristin Howard Of Hot Hands: Top Favorite Venues and Tracks

Kristin Howard Female Drummer of Hot Hands Top Five Tracks And Top Three Venues Tom Tom Magazine Women's Music Magazine

Kristin Howard of Hot Hands shared with us her top 3 favorite venues from around the country as well as what she’s been listening to lately! Check out Hot Hands music and upcoming shows on their page!


Kristin’s Top 3 Venues:

Rozz-Tox – (Randall Island, IL) – Awesome coffee shop with an upstairs that the owners live in and let bands stay as well.  Beer & food.  VHS tapes shown in the almost theater like stage part.

The Dial – (Murrieta, CA) – Wonderful feminist driven DIY collective that treats bands super well.  Alcohol free, but there’s plenty of cheap coffee offered.  It’s a great playing space with lots of artwork adorning the walls.

Heffe’s Saloon – (Lafayette, LA) – Treated us so well! There was a whole bunch of people there and they were all so nice.  People bought shirts and wanted us to sign them, it was so funny.


Kristin’s Top 5 Tracks:

Running – Baby Huey

Hook Of Crook – Alex Chilton

Love Buzz – Shocking Blue

Click Your Fingers Applauding the Play – Rory Erickson

Remember the Lighting – 20/20

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