Tom Tom Holiday Gift Guide


If you haven’t yet bought your favorite drummer a gift for the holidays or if you are one of those folks that likes to give year-round with no excuse, here is our short guide for drum lovers and their lovers.

1. Electronic Drum Machine T-Shirt
This is not only a T-shirt. Taking the idea of portable beat-making to a whole new level, with 8 touch-sensitive drum pads and a portable speaker attached, you can literally wear your drums. With 9 different kits ranging from vintage 808s to classic Jazz, and even some very familiar video game sounds, you’ve got whole soundscapes at your fingertips. Plus, the loop function allows you to record complex rhythms, adding new layers as you go.

2. Custom Sticks

Maybe you have thought more than once how much would you like to have a unique and personal sticks. Or maybe it’s the perfect merchandising idea for your band. Here you have two different options, one’s that you can custom, and the other one’s that glow in the dark.

3. Torquey Key by Evans.

evans torquey
Useful tool that will help to attain a fast and accurate tuning. Specially for all those situations when you don’t have a lot of time -like touring-, the Evans Torque Key can become your best friend.

4. A Chocolate Drum cake

Cooking for someone can be the perfect way to show your love. If you want to surprise a drummer, here you will find a recipe to make a chocolate drum cake.

5. Drum Lesson Club
Tom Tom’s Portland contributor, Lisa Schonberg, is offering a new drum lesson subscription club for 2013. As a subscriber, you will receive a password to download a pdf of a drum lesson once a month. Each lesson will come with an audio download of the beats and exercises from the lesson. Check it out.
6. Album pack
Music can be a good option, too. And Kill Rock Stars offer combo packs such as this one with the two Corin’s Tucker Band releases.

7. Tom Tom Subscription 2013

Tom Tom Orchestral
Last, but not least important, if you love us, show us your love. Give your favorite person a Tom Tom Subscription for 2013 and remind them throughout the year how much you love them. Heck, get yourself one while you are at it too. You can never give out enough love.

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