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SummerWood_FloridaTheater Incredible Female Drummer Tom Tom Magazine

We asked you to turn in pics of yourselves at your kit or your kit. And boy did you! What an amazing response from you amazing drummers. Thanks. Enjoy.

Summer Wood

Hey there! I am in the band Four Families, originally Robin Rütenberg & friends!

My Kit:
Mapex V Series shells and hardware
Paiste 21″ Twenty Maters Dark Dry Ride
Paiste 14″ Giant Beat Hi-hats
Sabian 16″ AA El Sabor Crash
Onyx drum heads
Vic Firth Steve Gadd drumsticks


Theresa Tom Tom Magazine Great Girl Drummer Ausria


Hey Guys!
I’m Theresa from Vienna, Austria. I play the drums since September 2011 in my post punk band called Crystal Soda Cream. We just came back from our first tour and will release our first album soon. Our first release was a cassette on the wonderful cassette-label Wilhelm show me the Major Label. I also have another band called Beach Girls and the Monster, but there I play guitar and sing. Right now, the drums are my favorite instrument, cause i’m just starting to get a little better. And I found a really great second hand Tama Swingstar from the 80s. It has a dreamy pearl color. Unfortunately there was no floor tom, so I have a newer Tama version. I have a broken Sonor Armoni crash cymbal which looks like somebody took a bite out of it. But I think that’s just what makes it’s sound perfect for me. My ride cymbal is an old Meinl Raker and it’s sound is like a light church bell and goes on like forever. In some songs I also play a Micro Korg with my left hand and a simple rhythm with my right. When I’m not playing the drums I study gender history and make posters, flyers and films. Last summer I was also band coach at the Girls Rock Camp NÖ. Шапка, the band I coached will soon have their first show!
I hope you like my band and my drum set!

This is me playing the drums at a show in Bremen, Germany.

Theresa Tom Tom Magazine Great Girl Drummer

This is me with mad eyes taking a bite off my cymbal.

Theresa Tom Tom Magazine Great Girl Drummer

This is my band Crystal Soda Cream

Roseana Safos


I’m writing on behalf of the drummer in my band Roseana Safos (she doesn’t have a computer) but loves the magazine 🙂 She’s been playing drums since she was 9 yrs. old. and she is seriously amazing.  The first time I read the magazine was at her house. We appreciate the fact that it exsist. It’s so cool to have a mag dedicated to female drummers. They’re the shit! Anyways, the kit she has now is a late 60’s Japanese copy of a Slingerland. 20″ kick 13″ tom and 16″ floor and a Fortune snare, from the Cleveland Drum company (that’s where we’re from too).  She also had to write all this information down for me. Formerly the kit belonged to the drummer of the Coasters.  It’s a great set for tour.  

Roseanna Amazing Woman Drummer Tom Tom Magazine Mandy

I play with her and our friend Heather Gmucs in a band called Goldmines, we’re a 3 piece that play dark garage pop. We’re all great friends and we have been playing together for the past 5 yrs., our former band was called Hotchacha.   We have been on numerous tours, played zillions of shows. It’s cool.  The best thing I’ve ever done for myself was learn to play guitar and just love how much Tom Tom encourages women to play. Ok, thanks for reading!

Mandy Aramouni

Roseanna Amazing Woman Drummer Tom Tom Magazine

Carol Micallef

Hi there,

My name is Carol Micallef and this is a picture of me at my drums where they are set up in the kitchen of my tiny studio apartment in Melbourne, Australia. It’s probably quite unusual but this is the only space I have and it’s not so bad to be right next to the stove where I get to have a play whilst my dinner is cooking!

carol Tom Tom Magazine Incredible Woman Drummer Kitchen

I currently play my vintage Pearl drumkit in an all-girl 60’s garage band called The Reprobettes which is a lot of fun. We’ve been together around six months and are all quite new at our instruments (I am also a guitarist) but we are gigging a lot and having a real blast! You can check out our facebook page here:

It would be awesome to for The Reprobettes to be featured on your site!!



Olivia Kieffer: Clibber Jones Ensemble

Hi gals at TomTom!

I’m Olivia Kieffer, bandleader and drummer for Clibber Jones Ensemble. We are a 7-piece Chamber Rock band from Atlanta. Our music sounds a bit like Frank Zappa, Philip Glass, and King Crimson. I write and arrange all of the music for the band. We’ve got some chicks and some dudes in the group! We always have tons of fun in rehearsals and at shows. It’s the best thing ever. I love everyone in the band.

olivia amazing woman drummer tom tom magazine

Here’s my Clibber setup! It is a Mutt of a drumkit! : )

olivia amazing woman drummer tom tom magazine

Gretsch kit:
22″ kick
12″ tom
14″ tom
Yamaha 10″ popcorn snare drum
DW 300 series cymbal stands
Taye cymbal stands and tom mounts
Yamaha hi hat stand
Zildjian K hi hat bottom
vintage Zildjian hi hat top
18″ Zildjian dark crash
16″ Sabian AA crash
19″ Wuhan ride cymbal
1980’s Yamaha kick pedal
mini hi-hats (10″ wuhan china underneath an 8″ sabian B8 splash)

olivia amazing woman drummer tom tom magazine

Thanks ladies! I love your magazine. I’m always sharing the articles with my students at Reinhardt University, where I am the percussion instructor.

Peace! Olivia

Tosha Jones

 Hey there! Here is my  drum Gear info.

Current Gear List
Band:Spare Parts for Broken Hearts
DW Pacific Platinum Series (Black Sparkle)
*10×8 Rack Tom
*12×10 Rack Tom
*14×12 Floor Tom
*16×14 Floor Tom
*22×18 Kick Drum
*5.5×14 DW 9-ply, All Maple Snare Drum (Natural)
*6”   Zildjian A Custom Splash Cymbal
*10” Zildjian A Custom Splash Cymbal
*13” HiHat Cymbals
*18” Zildjian A Rock Crash Cymbal
*19” Zildjian A Medium Crash Cymbal
*20” Zildjian A Custom Crash Cymbal
*20” Zildjian Z3 Ride Cymbal
*Vater 1A Wood Tip Drumsticks
*DW 9000 Cymbal/Stand Hardware
*DW 9000 Double Kick Pedal
*Remo Emperor Ebony Drumheads (top)
*Remo Clear Ambassador Drumheads (bottom)
*Remo Powerstroke 3 (Kick Drum)
*SKB Hardware Case
*Roc N’ Soc Drum Throne
*Road Runner Softshell Cases
*LP Tambourine

Tracey Andronaco

Tracey Andronaco Dope Woman Drummer Tom Tom Magazine

Band: Pile of Kittens

Gear: I use a drum 4 piece kit in blue sparkle. I also use Zildjian ZBT series cymbals and have 2 crashes (16″ and 18″), a 20″ ride and 14″ high-hats. My drum heads are UK Remo. I have PDP, Pearl and SP Percussion hardware. I use Vater and ProMark sticks.

Mandy Dietz

mandy dietz best girl drummer tom tom magazine

Band: Bang Bang(San Francisco)

mandy dietz best woman drummer tom tom magazine

Age: 39
In the first pic, we are in our practice space and I’m playing my DW drums.

Amy Hall

AmyHall_HeartBrigade Best Woman Drummer Tom Tom Magazine

Band: Heart Brigade (covers)

This is a photo of me playing my drums with my band, Heart Brigade (photo courtesy of Jeri Hernandez/Nash Photography). We are a Heart tribute band out of Raleigh, NC, and we play such hits as Barracuda, Magic Man, Crazy On You, and Alone, as well as many other fan favorites. I’ve been playing drums for 30 years and have played in cover bands, originals bands, worship bands, and now a tribute band. I love the challenge of playing in a tribute and trying to re-create an era, but the best part is that we have all become good friends. We may be the only Heart tribute band to ever be comprised of 4 women (and one man)! I absolutely love this band!

 My setup consists of Ludwig Classic Maple drums in green sparkle finish: 9″x13″, 16″x16″, 16″x18″, 14″x22″, and a Ludwig Supraphonic 402 snare drum 6.5″x14″

 Cymbals are Paiste 2002: 15″ Sound Edge hi-hats, 18″ crash, 20″ crash, and 22″ ride

Some recent video of us playing at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC:

Samantha Niss

sam niss female drummer tom tom magazine

Bands: Time Travels – layered, melodic, modern pop rock

Battle Ave. – jangled, mangled, growling indie rock and roll

sam niss female drummer tom tom magazine

– Yamaha Jazz Custom kit (pictured) & a Gretsch Renown Maple Series kit
– DW 5000 Series Single Pedal
– Zildjian K 14″ hi-hats
– Zildjian A Custom 18″ crash
– Zildjian K Custom Hybrid 21″ ride
– Pearl MCX Masters Series 14X6.5 snare drum

 You all rule so much! Thank you. We love you. – Tom Tom Magazine

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