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ROMY Hoffman began her music career in the mid 90’s as a 15-year-old guitarist for Ben Lee’s first band Noise Addict. She then discovered Hip Hop music and under the moniker MACROMANTICS, was praised for her performances and album, which was the first Australian Hip Hop album to be signed to legendary indy label Kill Rock Stars. Romy now makes danceable pop gems under her own name, ROMY, as well as paranoid punk music under A Gender.

ROMY_Tom Tom Magazine_Female Producer_Beatmaker

Name: Romy Hoffman
Age: 32
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Lives In: Melbourne, Australia
Past Projects: Macromantics
Current Projects: Romy, A gender
Gear Set Up: Romy: 2x CDJ’s, Roland SPDS Sampler, Micro Korg, Sure Mic
A Gender: bass/guitar/drums/vox
Fav Vintage Piece of Gear: Roland SH101 for bass lines and a Prophet or Matrix 12
Fav Venue: The Tote in Melbourne, for it’s history and the general vibe of the place. It’s a classic old punk venue. It nearly got shut down a couple of years ago, but the whole of Melbourne got together and protested. It’s a great place to see shows and play shows. Plus, it’s around the corner from my place.

ROMY_Tom Tom Magazine_Female Producer_Beatmaker

Tom Tom Magazine: How long have you been playing music?
Romy: I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was 13. Actually, I played the clarinet in the school band when I was 12. So, since then.

How has it evolved for you?
Naturally. I don’t think I ever sat down and made a conscious decision to make music. It just happens. It’s what I need to be doing, for my own peace of mind. I make the records I want to make. I write songs like I make tea – constantly. It never stops. I’m still pretty much DIY to this day.

What show have you been to recently?
I recently saw Dolly Parton. She was so honest and funny and sweet. She’s succeeded because she’s been herself her whole career. Not to mention that voice, and those songs!

Where does your music come from? (What drives you?)
I think my music is the filter that catches the gist of existence. Perhaps I’m like a computer that sifts through millions of bits of data, and then finally produces an answer. That answer is the music I make. It is my truth.

What is your favorite piece of gear and why?
I’ll quote Nas, “All I need is one mic.” Or my Fender Mustang. Actually, Logic. I really just need a mic, logic and a midi keyboard and a guitar.

What drives you politically right now?
Politically, I’m driven by people breaking free from the system of lies and forced control. Every person should have the education, to make every decision for themselves. I guess, being a gay, feminist, sober, vegan, means that I really don’t take part in the mainstream system at all. That to me is political. That is power.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I hope I’m settled and happy. In love. Working on 3 different records at once. And I hope I have my own garden full of ripe, lush produce. And I’d like to have a claw foot bath.
ROMY_Tom Tom Magazine_Female Producer_Beatmaker

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