Helga Juárez: from Convervatory to DIY

Name: Helga Juárez
Age: 30
Hometown: Donosti (Spain)
Lives In: Barcelona
Current Bands: Villarroel, Amazonas
Day Job: Graphic Designer

Helga Juarez’s musical sense is quite individual. She studied piano and performed her firsts shows at the Conservatory’s Auditorium in Donosti (north of Spain), where she is from. She was more confident and comfortable when the audience were the imaginary friends that lived in her room. DIY defender and autodidactic, she moved to Barcelona and now plays drums with Villarroel, one of the most enthralling bands in the city’s music scene.

Her neighbours in Donosti weren’t as enthusiastic as she was when she bought her first drum kit at the age of 22. They would complain constantly until she finally moved her drums. Her first band was with some schoolmates and when that didn’t succeed, she left the band and sold the drum kit. It was only when she moved to Barcelona that she re-took the sticks to play with Villarroel. Now after releasing four songs in the split LP Espectros, they are working on their first EP.

For the moment Juarez doesn’t own her own drum kit but she borrows a Yamaha Stage Custom that belongs to her rehearsal space’s bandmates. She has a Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute snare that goes with her anywhere she plays. And uses 5A sticks with no brand preference.

Although she wouldn’t say she has a favourite drummer, she was really pretty impressed by Lisa Schoenberg from Secret Drum Band and Explode into Colors. Erase Errata, Wild Flag, Trash kit and Grass Widow are among the girl bands she likes. She is also inspired by the repetitive and minimalist rhythms of the Lower Dens, Beach House, Ariel Pink, Peaking Lights and Broadcast.

Video: “Pesca de la langosta” at Heliogàbal (Barcelona)
Photo: Rafa Castells
Flyer designed by Helga Juárez
Words by Cati Bestard

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