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I recently read The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, which states that everybody has a destiny in life, yet most people are too afraid to follow this path because they either feel they don’t deserve to do what they really want to do, or because they are too scared of failing. It claims that if you are brave enough to follow your dreams, life conspires to help you achieve them.

I started drumming when I was 14 years old and had lessons through secondary school, college and my gap year. I was always so envious of my drum teacher’s lifestyle but didn’t dare entertain the thought that I could make a living out of playing the drums – I just assumed that, as with anything else you enjoy, it was always going to just be a hobby. So I went to University, got a first class degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications and secured a job in London working in online film PR. During my hour long walk to work one day, I suddenly realised that all I thought about while listening to music was drumming, or more specifically, me drumming. My mind was consumed with what I thought were just daydreams of making a living out of doing something I love. Then I thought, why the hell not? What else is life for if not for doing something you love? So at 24 years old, I quit my full time job, applied for a career development loan to support me in London while studying, and went back to college.

One day, I hope to be able to teach, as well as perform – ideally as a session drummer, but I’ve got some work to do! In the meantime, I’ll be documenting my progress throughout college on my YouTube channel.

To all the female drummers out there – you rock! And to anyone who has a dream – go follow it!

– Becki

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