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Here’s how Rozalyn got her start making a gorgeous line of cymbal jewelry.

“It all started on christmas. My cutie pie of a husband is such a thoughtful gift giver, even though it usually stresses him right out. My favorite sussies are the ones he makes by hand, and his sweet witty homemade cards. This last christmas, he decided to step into my world of jewelry design… I was pretty amazed when I opened the box, I was pretty amazed when i opened the box. My husband, Collin, is a multi-talented musician. His first love is percussion. He decided to use a broken drum cymbal that belonged to our good friend, Tiffany Lamson, of the band GIVERS, to make his first necklace. It has some powerful feminine energy resonating in it, thanks to her 🙂 So, a sweet gift, inspired a whole new line of jewelry!”

We here at Tom Tom love drum inspired jewelry. You can see her fall line here
Her one of a kind pieces here and keep checking back for more on our site.

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