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My husband Dave and I had been involved with some local high school’s marching programs in Pennsylvania and accumulated several old drums that were no longer in use. In 2010 we then moved out to Phoenix, AZ and brought them with us. When my son Logan and I flew home to PA for a wedding, Dave decided to use them to create all kinds of things for Logan’s room. He used an old set of Pearl marching quads to make 4 drum cubbies, an old concert bass drum into a toy box, and used one bass drum rim to make a white board. Logan loved it!

Fast forward to the summer of 2012, we were going through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and were discussing ways to help pay for the costly procedure so we started brainstorming ideas. Dave started experimenting with different ways to use drums as shelves and other kinds of furniture. We soon came up with the idea to make a shelf essentially by cutting a drum in half. This not only looked cool but was more functional than the cubbies he made for Logan because of the flat top and the distance it protruded from the wall. We then started searching for more drums so that we could make the shelves to order. Dave made a few to list on Facebook and Etsy. Since then, he has custom made piggy banks out of 8″ and 10″ toms along with the shelves. Dave is currently working on a shelf that is made from the kick drum to mount as a corner shelf. Thanks for taking interest in our story.
Here is the link to our Facebook and our Etsy account where you can order your own!

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