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Lisa Lipton Best Woman Drummer Blast Beats Frankie Frankie Tom Tom Magazine

We love Lisa Lipton. You will hear more about her from us. In the meantime here is info on her most recent performance and her sweet website which we recommend you check out and get a little lost in. 

5 drummers, 5 kits, lights, beats and motorcycles: BLAST BEATS is an extensive multi-media installation and performance project, which combines Lipton’s current practices as both a visual artist and musician. Through historical research, community collaboration & dialogue, visual exploration and musical composition, this project aims to unite the fields of visual arts and music through creating a site-specific performance related to drumming and the influence of rhythm on our daily lives. BLAST BEATS: Phase Two – a term used to describe a style of drumming where a drummer alternates very quickly from bass to snare – is an extensive, long-term production begun in January 2011 when Lipton learned to play the drums. She started an intense ritual, practicing drums for 4 hours everyday. She draws from personal histories, visuals, rhythms and roles associated with many different drumming cultures from across Canada, and that research culminates in the hour-long drum composition BLAST BEATS. Lipton has engaged five top drummers to participate in the performer, giving each the opportunity to contribute to the overall musical piece, which is anchored by an underlying consistent beat. In keeping with her collaborative approach to artmaking, as seen such work as in the various iterations of Window Ballet and Strangers in the Night, BLAST BEATS brings artists from other genres together (in this case, drummers) to create a hypnotic, physical work of art that must be experienced.

Lisa Lipton Best Woman Drummer Blast Beats Frankie Frankie Tom Tom Magazine

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