Drumming Da Weight Off?


Greetings Tom Tom comrades!  I’m an ex-pat from Los Angeles who went to university in New York.  I now run a drum kit teaching studio in Belfast and have heaps of experience as a player.  I’d like to share news and views on drum related topics of the utmost curiosities.


It seems you can’t take an exercise class these days without your sticks.  From core strengthening while playing single strokes, to drumming on an exercise ball doing aerobics, the trend in fitness appears to be through drumming.  Workouts like these are on YouTube under names like Pound, Drum Fit and Cardio Drumming.


But those of us who play already know the decent workout that drumming provides.  Blondie’s drummer Clem Burke recently received a doctorate for his pioneering studies comparing the similarities of drumming to an elite athlete.  Sure, even my high school let you take marching band instead of P.E.


Still, it’s great to see folks incorporate drumming into their lives.  Understandably, the drumming is fairly rudimentary to appeal to those with little rhythmic ability or experience.  It would be great though to see a niche class geared to actual drummers.  Imagine practising your paradiddle-diddles whilst working on those abs.


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