Art: Egg by Lynette Gillis of SISTER

Lynette Gillis, Female Drummer, Girl Drummer, Lady Drummer, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Sister Music, Plumtree, Bells Clanging, Toronto, Vancouver, Canada, Keith Moon, John Bonham
Lynette Gillis Egg, nylon and wire

I wanted to take drumming back within the female realm. I had recently
read the book “She’s a Rebel: The History of Women in Rock n’ Roll,”
which was inspiring to read all the stories of past female musician
pioneers, some whom I never heard of because they had been left out of
history books. Then I saw an exhibition in which the artist made a
drumset out of bronze and focused exclusively on male drummer icons
such as Keith Moon and John Bonham. This piece was kind of a response
to that show. The drums are hand-sewn and made of a pink nylon and
wire. Rock kits and cymbals are made of metal, wood, alloys – strong
materials. I liked the idea of the piece being ephemeral, fragile, and
floating when passed by. The title also relates to the female. An egg
is produced by a female. It is fragile but also strong. Like a drum,
it has a shell. The contents of an egg is life itself.
-By Lynette Gillis
-Curator and Photographer, Jeff Khonsary.
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