Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis

I discovered Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis via FACT Magazine and the title image itself was what caught my attention. In the article, Lewis lists off five records from his collection at random and gives a little information behind each one. They were so unique and rare that I knew there had to be something more to this band than just their look.

It turns out this sibling trio from North London are mutli-instrumentalist and serve up a myriad of sounds, spanning across decades and genres. They look Rockabilly but do not think that is all there is to them. They have been making music basically their entire lives, and in their young lives they have received a lot of positive attention, including the likes of Chris Martin who signed them on to open for Coldplay for a recent world tour.

Their sound truly is eclectic having sprung from a series of covers they did. Including “Going Up the Country” which is a personal favorite.

They recently recorded SMoking in Heaven which includes all original songs like ska influenced “I’m So Sorry” and “Tomorrow”, a bluesy “I’m Going Back”, and a very poppy “Messing With My Life.” All of their previous recordings have been done in their living room and the videos to accompany have had a polished home grown effect. Their voices are massive, their instrumental ability is astounding, and overall this band’s vibe is just alluring.

You can view all of their videos on their website and watch several interviews. They are so serious about their music and it’s just the natural knack that gives it the flair that will definitely lead to even greater success. They’ve collaborated with some huge musicians, including Ingrid Weiss drummer of The Raincoats who plays bass with the trio. There doesn’t seem to be any instrument these people can’t play or a sound they can’t achieve.

Enjoy this video and then go get obsessed.

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