Artworks: Becca Albee of Excuse 17, F Is For Fake

Excuse 17 was not a band with a long lifespan, but one of influence in the great Northwest of the 1990s. Hailing from Olympia, this trio comprised of Carrie Brownstein (guitar/vox), Becca Albee (guitar/vox) and CJ Phillips (drums) were majorly involved in the Riot Grrrl movement. Brownstein, of course, was behind Sleater Kinney alongside Corin Tucker. They recorded two studio albums before disbanding. Albee went on to become an assistant professor of photography at the City College of New York and recently showed at Cleopatra’s in Brooklyn with her installation F Is for Fake: The construction of femaleness by the US Media. Albee explains show’s title, a play off of the Orson Welles film F For Fake, and her inspirations in literature and family in this BOMBblog article by Rachel Reese. it is a highly informative and entertaining read. Sadly, the show is over, but there are more works to come I’m sure!

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