Sebhia Marie Dibra

Photos by Jenna Bascom

Hot, sizzling, dashing Ms. Sebhia Marie Dibra is willing to do whatever it takes. At 23 years old, you could say, she is pretty “well rounded”. A drummer, a local activist in her community, personal trainer, artist, quantum physics enthusiast, real estate guru in all shapes and forms of financing huge commercial projects as well as your new home, she has come far and now feeling “her inner most self” reaching the limitless of her potential. Her secret? “I am reading a ton. Not just a ton of anything – but in all aspects of my life I feel most passionately about, the spiritual, motivation, financial success, love, real happiness and over-all well being. Books tend to just show up on the shelves staring at me when I am strongly craving something. It’s one of the best way to really find yourself. The books you choose, what you read, what you want out of life. Almost like that inner intelligence in all of us truly coming out when we seek it, or….read it. I am learning a lot more about myself, life, the people around me, then I could imagine.”

Her background also entails watching kids and children with autism. She LOVES kids, is happy to be around them, as she relates and is a ‘big kid’ herself. “You never ‘grow up’. You just learn.” She loves them like she would her own. “I love kids so much. They are trying to figure out the world just as much as we adults are and, sometimes, they’re way ahead of the game.” She also enjoys meditating, bikram yoga, wining and dining with friends and family. “Life is about relationships. I am a true believer that building strong relationships in your life makes you a happier person.”

Other goals, may we ask? “Real Estate Investing. I LOVE it. I love everything about it, and what to learn the business inside and out. I would say I am starting on the financing end and will soon go on from there. I attend networking dinners, seminars, and a weekly professionals group which has helped me grow in my field and I am meeting amazing people.” She also wants to find ways to modeling for women as herself with an edge, (fancy’s boy underwear), acting, (making people laugh lifts her spirit) and writing (a book). “I have always wanted to do so many things. I never wanted to be at a desk all day in front of a computer with an eagle eye on me. Just not my thing. What I am doing now gives me freedom to do whatever I want.”

And drum roll please! One of the biggest passions in her life? Drumming! (Uhh…really? We forgot that one for a second…)

In her latest single and video “You’re Not There”, she had to learn the song in the studio, the day of recording. “I probably did about 5 takes before I loved it.” Not bad for the new track which definitely has a different taste of drums, let alone the music. She loves working with very talented, open people. Right now she’s working on a few projects as a session drummer but she would like to open up to other artists and find something her soul resonates with. Drum circles, that’s surely in her calendar for this summer.

Last words?

“I’ve never stayed too long in something that didn’t make me happy. When I got my first job at 17, (and my own apartment in Florida) I was miserable, but loved it because it was my first job. When I moved back to New York 10 months later, I wondered why for the next few years back in I was “dabbling” in and out of jobs/careers, and now realize how happy I am that I did that. I took risks, and it didn’t ever phase me. I finally landed a management position that lasted over a year, and at that time was the best decision ever, because of the people and the confidence they had in me…Don’t let your age discourage you either. Whether your 17 or 40. People deemed me “irresponsible” as soon as I put my information on the W-2 forms and they slowly began to realize…hmmm 1988…what is that? And then…their eyes got big when they realized this girl was just turning 18 and making a salary which was more than most on staff. Did I prove myself and make everyone happy? Yes. But all in all, if something isn’t making you happy, (or just making you plain miserable), leave. There’s so much out there, and even if your not quite sure your not even near the spectrum of what you want, your life experiences and your destiny will surely find you a way to it.”

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