New Release! Vivian Girls “Share the Joy”

On Vivian Girls’ new album Share the Joy, the trio wrestles their instruments out of lo-fi, walks the 60’s girl-group talk, and exercises their endurance, bookending the album with songs that embellish for over six minutes. This third full-length effort also serves as introduction to VG’s third drummer in the past few years, Fiona Campbell. As a new outfit, the group moves towards not only a cleaner sound, but an upbeat one at that. In “Death” they sing “I wanna stay alive” which, amid their previous muddle of deadpan vocals and drowned out sounds, was kinda unclear. Vivian Girls’ break-out debut in 2008 revitalized the bored and burned out garage, hazy, and aloof; and while they stay true to this signature sound, their harmonies now rest above the noise. Instruments come into focus in songs like “Lake House” that dig into deeper, fuller drums and lanky guitar riffs.  The single “I Heard You Say” takes on frail classic pop refrains, psych-tainted guitars, and a soft growing sadness. Share the Joy is unwilling to rely on the lo-fi nihilism (read: “I Believe in Nothing”) that made them so buzz-worthy, and instead, begin to explore more complicated song-craft and the heartache that comes with disenchantment.


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