Double Bass Drummin’ From Taryn

Double bass drumming is not something reserved for hard rock and metal. It can be utilized in all kinds of music. It’s the bass that gets us moving after all, right? We enlisted and expert to guide you aspiring two timers and she’s from Auckland. Taryn Young is a hard rock drummer, with a taste for Latin, and she is the word on double bass drumming. Not an easy thing to do. She has a background in tap dancing which she accredits for her skills. She has offers a few tips in Issue 5 of Tom Tom Mag on how to do it. For those of you who happen upon us by way of internet though, she also suggests you visit and this other website to get an idea of how to do it. Watch these two videos of Taryn doing her thing and pick up Issue 5 to get her step by step method on how to play double bass.

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