Album Review: The Dorques S/T

At first glance The Dorques is erratic indie pop tangled in syrupy duets about sunshine and awkward romance. But don’t let the friendly guitars, uplifting keyboards and bubbly drums of Aimee Marcos’ fool you. The Dorques are charmingly deceiving, as you begin to hear lines like “if i embrace you, can i undress you” filter through in “Murasaka Blues” or the bevy of French sexual advances in “Le Metronome”; and lest we forget the stand out dance track “Loving n’ Pumpin'” which leaves little to explain.

At times the vocals dip from endearing to grating , but the whimisical pop instrumentals and electro-dance beats carry us through evoking the peppy momentum of CSS and the high pitched coos of Architecture in Helsinki, making the Dorques the cutest perv-pop I’ve heard in quite sometime.

Though their self-titled album dropped in 2008 its taken a bit of time for their boisterous indie pop to drift across the Pacific Ocean and into our hands. The Filipino four piece has been around for a few years most recently covering the Jesus & Mary Chain song “Just Like Honey” for a compilation and touring their self-titled album off label Kindassault. If they ever stop by our coast again, I suggest checking them out as it looks like going to one of their shows is a bit like stuffing yourself into a sweaty photobooth full of friends ready for a night of debauchery and a little awkward romance.

Check out the video for their single “Murakasi Blues” below!

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