Anuradha Pal

Photo via her website!

There is a lot to be said for this woman. First of all she is a highly acclaimed tabla player from Mumbai. Her main musical endeavors as of late are Stree Shakti, an all female percussion-based, instrumental and vocal fusion ensemble, and Recharge, a unique world music fusion group combining various elements of Indian, African, Latin and Jazz music.

Anuradha composed the background score in Gaja Gamini which won tremendous acclaim in the Cannes Film Festival. She regularly scores music for music albums, theater & documentaries as well.

She is involved with several humanitarian and academic groups, even UNICEF. She has performed all over the world, featured in countless publications and television programs.

Basically, she’s inspirational to any woman, especially any woman looking to make a career for herself in the arts. With all that said, go listen to her music and read more about her. It’ll blow your mind, if it isn’t blown already.

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