What’s up with that?

Amy Klein, a virtuoso in music (you may have seen her wailing on a guitar and violin in Titus Andronicus) and a general asset to society, sent us a link to the following essay. Quite frankly, it raises the questions we have been thinking of ourselves and answers them in a very comprehensive manner.

Why are there so few women front and center in the music world? The art world is receptive to the feminine contribution, but still, even in 2010, women face a lot of adversity and are still “the other” in any genre of music. This essay examines women in electonic and experimental music in Ireland specifically but the genre can be switched out to be anything you listen to. No matter how you spin it, the number of women in music needs to equal that of men.

Please read this essay by Alejandra Salinas, Aeron Bergman and Klaus Oldanberg. It is compelling and important.

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