Sheila Chandra, tikitikitomtom

She was brought to our attention through this video of spectacular vocal percussion…

And she kept our attention through her amazing story. Sheila Chandra is a singer form South London, of Indian descent, who began her career int he early 80s. She released an album with Monsoon, featuring the song “Ever So Lonely” that went Top Ten in 1982.

Ten years later, she released a series of work that led to the “Speaking In Tongues” which was performed in the video at the top of the page. She lays claim to the abilitiy of fusing different vocal styles, drawing influence from many cultures, especially those of an Asiatic nature.

Most recently she released a book about organizational skills. She seems to be a guiding light for the ages. Check out these videos and her website that has a very comprehensive history of this ground breaking artist.

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