We had heard about GAGGLE about a year ago in a Guardian article by Paul Lester but their drummer Sara, reached out to us thankfully and shed some light on the fact that apart from having a score of female vocalists, they also have female percussionists! The vocal lineup includes Alibi, Bennett, Coughlin, Culwick, D, Dana, Green, Gusset, Honey, Kiki, Kumari, Launette, Lipstick, Luddite, McClean, Missmiss, Namsoo, Polydorou, Strick, Wunderla.

A drone of female voice…who needs autotune when you have 22 women singing, hitting every note across the board. It’s Gregorian chanting of the 21st Century where the monks are a bunch of righteous British women. Also, the religous aspect of monk chanting is largely absent because of the ocassional screaming and the lyrical content concerning worldly matters, such as boyfriends, cigarettes, drinking, etc.

The song in the video below, “I Hear Flies” is great on all levels. It features a sound typical of a lot of music coming out of Britain right now…and yes, I’m talking about the wobble, the archetype of garage, dubstep, and grime. But this isn’t dubstep by any means, it’s GAGGLE, and you should hear it.

stay tuned for an interview with Gaggle’s drummer in issue 5 of Tom Tom Magazine!

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