Effi Briest

Effi Briest is a seriously talented Brooklyn band. Their sound is pretty dark and heavily dominated by the drums, which we can totally get behind for obvious reasons. In general the music they make stands apart from their contemporaries but the precision and execution could make it easily successful for popular consumption. Listen to the the two tracks below…it was hard to pick just one, so I picked two, but even that was hard still. The whole album, Rhizomes is killer and on heavy rotation for me and my friends.

Rhizomes by TomTomMagazine
Mirror Rim by TomTomMagazine

fun facts
-Effi Briest is on Sacred Bones alongside epic songstress Zola Jesus
-The name Effi Briest comes from a famous German Realist novel by Theodor Fontane. “Published in 1894, the novel forms a trilogy on marriage in the nineteenth century from the female point of view along with the more famous Anna Karenina and Madame Bovary. All three are adultery tragedies.”…radical, intellectual.

Exclusive photos of Effi Briest taken for Tom Tom Magazine by the lovely Bek Andersen

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