Liz Liles: A Lady Of Many Nations

A quick list about Ggreen’s Drummer Liz

  • Japanese, Mexican, German, and Cherokee
  • Vegan
  • One of the only female drummers she knows personally
  • Classically trained ballet dancer
  • Inspired by Pikachu from Afrirampo, all the drummers from the Boredoms (especially Yoshimi and Zach Hill), John French and Karen Carpenter
  • Sweet style

According to this musician, her band is in keeping with her setting of Sacremento, where surf, wave, psych, rock rock reign. “The best thing I can say is that I think there’s this weird epidemic right now in our scene of bands and we all sound very very similar. The thing that I think is cool about Ggreen is that Andrew wrote all the songs we play when he was in high school and his vocals are so strange and raw it makes it special.”

She picked up drumming seriously a year ago but she always had a hankering for the drum set in her childhood home. Their first tour was a success for sure. “Our last, and first tour was awesome! We all thought we were going to lose so much money, but we actually came back with enough money in our pockets to buy pizza. One night we played Twin Falls, Idaho, and the kids were so stoked! Like 5 dudes ripped their shirts off and moshed,” says Liles. They also played SMMR BMMR with some of their fave bands MAYYORS, Wounded Lion, the Lamps.

They recorded their LP with Andy Morin of A2B2 studios who has recorded the likes of Ganglians, Zach Hill, Wavves, and more. With this line-up of producer, songwriter (and Dylan on guitar and yet another another lady on bass!), and drummer, they can stand tall in their scene.

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